How hard/easy should the chin-ups should be? Firstly, I realise it’s a strange thing to see, “make my chin-ups EASY?”, but it works at this stage because we’re working on motor control. This is best started in low intensity 🙂 Here’s a guide based on a modified Borg scale: Imagine an exertion scale from 0-10. – zero being no exertion at all; – 2-4 is extremely light to somewhat light; – 5-6 is becoming somewhat hard; – 7 & 8 are very hard; – 9 is extremely hard; – 10 is maximal exertion (like a 1 rep max). I’d say to aim for the chin-ups to be best in the 2-4 or up to 5-6 realm (for now). Of course this is all subjective, but it gives you an idea. Those whose hangs are under 30 seconds, stick to 2-4/10 exertion. Those who can manage more grip endurance or can do a pull-up already, you can go to the 5-6/10 realm. The point is not about getting stronger in the traditional sense (although that will likely happen as a bonus), the point is to practice the movement so it becomes smooth, controlled, and a great foundation to build on later. I know it may seem pointless or uninspiring, but it’s like what they do in Olympic weight lifting or Kettlebell Sport: LIGHT training weights while skill and technique are drilled over and over again. Remember: you can use two bands together (say you only have a medium and small for example, have them both on the bar and slide them close together, then put your same knee/foot into both bands, like a double stirrup). Remember remember: week to week they will start to feel easier, but in that case, I’ll be suggesting more sets, not necessarily a lighter band. ​ Finally, enjoy the easy chin-ups this month 😀 ​