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Fitness Shouldn't Be Draining


You Can Feel Healthy & Strong For Years To Come With Our Super Sustainable Approach... 

The Enemy of the Good is the Perfect

The catch-22: All you want is to feel healthy and strong but you're so exhausted by all the "shoulds" and "have-tos", you end up doing nothing at all. Or what little you do manage just never feels like it's enough. There seem to be a million things that need to be in place before it's enough. To the point, you end up feeling like you're always 10 steps behind.

If you're an everyday, real woman, with a REAL life, there's a good chance you're stressed out trying to tick a bunch of boxes JUST to feel like your workouts "qualify".  And often, the pressure comes from feeling like the only reason to train is to look a certain way. But what about feeling accomplished, self-sufficient, and capable? 

It doesn't have to be this hard. And it doesn't have to take up so much mental bandwidth. 

You deserve simplicity and clarity around fitness.


Finally Being Consistent 

No more on again, off again. You'll no longer view stops as failure, but see yourself as strong for persevering.

Having Scalable & Flexible Options

Instead of having your fitness derailed when life happens, you will know exactly how to scale your workouts to fit your life.

Being Free of Pressure

Good-bye "shoulds" and "have-tos". Imagine listening to your own wants and needs, instead of the fitness world's.

Knowing You're Doing Enough

Imagine worrying less about outcomes and "needing to do more" because you value your efforts more. 

"I'm 55, and all I want to do is the "minimum effective dose" that will keep me strong, fit and energetic so I can fully enjoy life." ~ Lori (member)

been out of fitness a while? We've got you covered with our intro series

80% of the results with 20% effort 

(doing what actually matters)

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, the answer is the same: achievable, bite sized actions that are clear and easy to follow, and give you the peace of mind that you're doing enough.  

You don't deserve to feel bad because you fell short of some standard that's actually pretty meaningless. Here at Equipped with Strength, we believe everyone should try to find their minimal effective dose, with room for growth (as life allows).

Now think about what the rest of the fitness world offers: confusion, pressure, arbitrary things to do feeding off fears about not doing enough, being broken, or chasing the latest trend. We don't do that.

Imagine letting go of all the things that don't move the needle much anyway, leaving more bandwidth to enjoy the journey.

Night and Day Difference

I'm 55, and now all I want to do is the "minimum effective dose" that will keep me strong, fit and energetic so I can fully enjoy life.

Before EWS I was frustrated with my inability/unwillingness to follow longer, performance-goal oriented fitness programs as well as I would like to. It was like a series of never-ending small failures.

I now look forward to my workouts, and don't worry about following any set-in-stone program. No more feeling guilty and frustrated because I'm not able to do what I was "supposed to" do according to a long program.

No More Stressing!

I was constantly getting myself stressed to the hilt about not making my 3-4 workouts a week, especially since getting a new job that required longer commutes.

Now I aim for one main workout a week, and maybe a small workout during the week. Since I've been doing that, it's been much better.

And, with the live classes, I'm more consistent than ever!

Function, confidence & mental outlook 

Initially I wanted to regain the strength I had lost over 7 years of procrastination! I needed something doable, adaptable to my level and guilt-free! 

I can now squat down to get things out of low cupboards and get back up again unaided. I can carry 15kg bags of cat litter from the store to the cattery without stopping. My balance is better and I can get up and down from the floor a lot better.

Strength training has improved my function, confidence, tone and mental outlook. There are few things that give these returns for such a small investment!

Could This Be Your New Fitness Family?

Equipped with Strength (EWS) is on a mission: to make being strong, fit and healthy sustainable and enjoyable,

for as long as possible.  It’s flexible and scalable, it fits around your life, and it gets you results while helping you to enjoy the process ….

What better mix?  You start with what you can and WILL do, and you can easily grow it or simply keep things the same (why fix what ain’t broke). 


Success Engineered

First: the Minimum Goal

Rather than rehearsing failure by setting unattainable goals, set yourself up for success by aiming for something so doable it's almost impossible to fail. Like a minimum goal of ONE WORKOUT per week.

SECOND:The Wee 3 Plan-B

Even with the best laid plans, life will still happen sometimes. So building in a Plan-B ahead of time will increase your chances of success massively. That's where The Wee 3 Plan-B comes in (Wee 3's are micro workouts).

our FOLLOW-ALONG VIDEOS make the journey more enagaging and enjoyable

About Marianne Kane

Marianne Kane wearing Equipped with Strength slouchy T-Shirt, smiling with hands up wide

Before she became a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Expert, and mindset coach, Marianne was a Cardiac Nurse working night shift in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. She saw people struggle to adopt healthy behaviors even after major health-scares. They seemed to lack a sense of agency.

Since 2004, Marianne has dealt with her own chronic, autoimmune pain condition (ankylosing spondylitis) which has created its own challenges to learn to trust her body and not get caught up trying to "fix" everything. 

Since 2010, Marianne has achieved a lot for the fitness world. She founded MyomyFitness, Pull-Up Academy, and Equipped with Strength. She co-founded Girls Gone Strong and Get Glutes, and was named in Shape’s Top 10 YouTube Workout Channels for her short and effective kettlebell workouts, which reach millions of people around the world. Her mission is to help people simplify fitness and make it sustainable and fun. 


"Over the years, I've noticed how little people trust themselves along their own fitness and health journey. The industry is constantly telling them they're broken and they shouldn't do things until they learn how to do them "right". There are too many rules, too many boxes to tick, and too much pressure. The path to fitness is getting narrower and narrower, and this is entirely unnecessary. People can move whatever way they want, and the body is strong, capable and resilient. I am walking proof. But what we believe about ourselves changes everything." ~ Coach Marianne


Here’s what people say about Marianne

Clients and colleagues weigh in ...


Author and Coach  at

She's Person-Oriented 

Marianne is one of the most effective, sincere, and straight-shooting coaches I have ever been honored to call a friend. She is person oriented and evidence based. She is also extremely kind. I offer her work my highest endorsement.

Personal Trainer, Rog Lawson headshot
Rog Lawson

Coach at

Compassionate Coach

If you’re looking for a compassionate coach who leads from a place of openness, possibility & joy to support you in your journey to become the best human you can be, you’ve found just that person in Marianne, who has my highest recommendation.

Nia Shanks

Founder & Author of "Lift Like a Girl"

A Woman of Integrity

I have the privilege of knowing Marianne not just as a coach, but as a friend. I endorse anything she puts her name behind because she cares about helping people to the best of her ability and she's a woman of integrity. That is a rare combination.


One-to-One Client

A True Asset

Coach Marianne trained me online, one-to-one for years. She took a banged up 50 yr old and made him feel younger and more confident. She is also a genuine, caring person, and a true asset to the fitness industry.


Back to Fitness Member

Individual & Intuitive

I've met a fair few trainers and coaches over the years, and I can say hand on heart, there is no one who shares the same passion and cares for her clients as much as Marianne does. Even in a group, she understands the needs of each individual and is very intuitive in her training methods.


"Full Experience" Member

She Gets It

Marianne really listens and understands the challenges we face with balancing working out and having a life. She creates awesome training plans from which I have gotten stronger! And I feel so much happier and satisfied with where I'm at. She is a truly great coach and mentor. 

What's Inside


Easy-to-follow Workouts for Any Kind of Day

You can dip into our massive bank of workouts that provide everything you need to stay motivated, modify form and intensity. You can choose workouts based on area of the body, duration, or whether you prefer strength or cardio.


Plan A and Plan B 

Planning for "failure" is necessary for long term success. That’s what our Plan B workouts, the “Wee 3”, is for. It's a tiny wee workout with massive back for your buck.


Workouts Done Three Ways (you choose)

Some people like to follow along, others just want an overview, others just want the PDF. We have a mode for everyone! This means there are 3 ways to consume your workout material. 


Bonus Courses, Workshops, and Mini-Programs

Want to learn about realistic goal setting (not the usual kind)? Want to explore safe and sustainable ways to lose fat or build muscle? Do you want to learn how to improve your balance, mobility, and flexibility? Or have simple and easy-to-follow workout programs to follow if you prefer more structure? We have a growing library of standalone short courses to dive into. 


Away-Buddies (printable PDFs)

Every workout has printable workout logs and visual planners provide coaching cues, and exercise modifications/substitutions so you’ll never be stuck for what to do.

Simple & Sustainable doesn't mean you won't be challenged

Sustainable & Sustaining

Imagine where you could be just 1 month from now ... just like Barbara - who was dreading her workouts because she couldn’t meet her goal of 3 per week - you could be highly motivated and passionate again. Instead of feeling bad for falling short, you feel amazing for overachieving. 

Or, imagine, like Lori, you’d be 5 months in and realize you hadn’t lost an ounce of STRENGTH by doing ONLY workouts you felt like doing.

Finally, imagine in just mere weeks, realizing how little you need to do to feel the strongest you have in years. And the best part? It’s sustainable, so you can keep feeling strong for years to come.

You’ll always have the “safety-net” of one workout per week to ensure you at the very least maintain what you’ve gained. And even if you do get derailed, getting back on track with a minimum goal is so doable it’s almost impossible to fail.

Who is This For?

If you resonate with any of the following, our community is perfect for you.

Your Priorities Have Shifted

You need workouts that respect different seasons of life. We give gentle guidance to find what works as life ebbs and flows.

You Need a Sustainable Path

If life has or is threatening to derail your fitness, chances are you need a flexible approach to modify as you go.

You're Caught in The Trees

You find yourself trying to get every detail "right" before believing in the process. Yet, this only seems to feed the stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the workouts?

Are workouts available right away?

Are there follow-along videos?

Wait, so are there enough workouts? It doesn't seem like I'd get very much...

What fitness level are the workouts for?

What equipment do I need?

Do you have a community forum (and is it on Facebook)?

Join Our Warm and Welcoming Community


Pull-Up Member

Best shape of my life!

It was 2 years since I picked up a Kettlebell. I'd hurt my back and lost all confidence in myself.

I was tired of feeling sluggish and inactive and desperately wanted to get back into a community of people working on strength and wellness

Fast forward a year and a half later and I'm back to working out like I used to - my back pain is rare, my swings are looking good, and most importantly, my confidence is back!



Scalable and Fun

I love getting on a live workout or being able to catch up anytime with any of the workouts in the catalog. 

I feel like no matter what kind of things are going on in my life, I can commit to doing these workouts a few times a week. I love how scalable and fun the programming is. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a way to get back into fitness but never feels like they have enough time.



Make fitness work for you

I didn’t workout when my children were young because I could never find time. When I was 40, I discovered KBs and Marianne, and fell in love with the physical results and the strength I gained. 

Since joining EWS, I don’t beat myself up if I can’t make it happen. I’m happy with my wins whether it’s increasing weight, losing a pound or just plain feeling well. I think it’s fun and a great way to learn how to make fitness work for you.

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An easy-to-follow plan that delivers bang for buck

Value: $30/mo

Done-for-you Plan A & B Maximizing Sustainability

Value: $30/mo

Away-Buddies (printables) to Track Wins

Value: $20/mo

The Road Back to Consistency with Our "Back-to-Fitness" 8-Week program

Value: $50/mo 

Access to Mini Pull-Up Series, "Reach for the Bar"

Value: $50/mo

On-demand Access to 100+ Workouts

Value: $79/mo

Follow-Along Videos

Value: $30/mo

Private Community (on Facebook)

Value: $50/mo

(NEW) Rough & Ready Restart Series, 2023 

Value: $30/mo


Total Value: $538/mo

Join Today For $17/mo



30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't feel more motivated, and like this is an approach you love within the first 30 days, no matter what plan you're on, you are fully protected by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund (30 days begins from initial registration).

A Wee Note 

I got into fitness when I was 26. It was my final year in nursing school, and I had just been diagnosed with an autoimmune pain condition (ankylosing spondylitis). The doctor told me exercise would help, but I took things to the extreme... more exercise would mean better results. 

Over the decade that followed, I was in "body problem solving mode" trying to get everything just right to finally feel good about myself.

For as long as I can remember (starting as a teen), my body has been a problem to solve. Is it any wonder I never felt at peace in my own skin, regardless of how fit, strong, or lean I was.

If I could go back and give my younger self some advice, I'd tell her she didn't need to train so much or try so hard; that less is smarter. 

I created EWS to be a refuge for others who are just tired feeling like they're not doing enough and are sick of trying so hard. I hope you'll join our wonderful community.

~ Marianne

If you're not sure that this community is for you, please get in touch with our team HERE