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Stay Focused in 2018 With Quick, Effective, & Fun Home Kettlebell Workouts Every Month

You've spent one too many a night laying in bed promising "things will be different tomorrow", but tomorrow always seems to end up exactly like today. It's time to simplify.

The Paradox of Progress

You're fed up!

You list in your mind all the things you need to do differently, and all the things you need to "fix" so you finally get the desired result. 

You are determined that "this is it" and you feel a surge of conviction to make tomorrow the day you do everything right. You'll eat well (and less), you'll begin a new workout program, you'll say no to bagels and cheese, and cut out all processed foods that are hindering your progress.

But nothing sticks. And soon the days become just like that day you were fed up with.

You might start to think that you just lack discipline. You're an "all or nothing" person. You feel guilty that you just aren't strong enough to do what it takes. You're overwhelmed by your failure, and you soon see yourself as the problem needing fixed.

The problem is not you!

None of us are "strong" enough to make progress in EVERYTHING at once! 

The problem is you're trying to do too much at once.

It's time to slow down.

Slowing down will speed up your progress.

It's time to make ONE deliberate choice. 

Instead of making 1% progress on 6 different things and burning yourself out in the process,  choose 1 thing to focus on for 6 months and watch your progress grow. 

Be deliberate about what you say YES to, and what you say NO to.

Equipped with Strength is about simplifying choices and making it easier to say no to what won't serve you, and YES to what will.

We help you clarify what's truly important and provide a path to get there. 

Made For Simplicity

There is so much information out there trying to convince you of all the things you need to fix about your body, or your mindset, or your life. It's exhausting, and way over-complicated.

Don't we have enough to stress about without having to second-guess every little thing we're doing?

Your body is wonderfully made, and it works very well without nit-picking every apparent "flaw". 

I'll go one step further: your body is NOT a problem to be fixed. And exercise is NOT a complex puzzle with one right answer. 

Training your body can be made super simple, which makes sticking to it easier. 


Our workouts are above all easy to follow. They are easy to say yes to because they're quick to do; they contain effective, tried and true exercises, and it's fun to be part of our amazing community of like-minded people.

Not only that, but you are supported by Marianne herself as you make this ONE thing your fitness focus.


We also know you'll be itching to get access to your workouts right away, so we made sure the process is smooth and efficient.

A Look Inside

Your workouts are organised into easy-to-follow written programs, with video instructions, and printable PDFs to log your progress.

You don't even have to leave the workout page to view video tutorials as they pop up right there when you click them.

If you're short for time, you can watch our workout summary videos which last only 60-90 seconds.


Meet Your Coach

Marianne Kane is a Cardiac Nurse turned Fitness Coach and Founder of Myomytv, LLC. Her passion for short, intense, and fun home workouts saw her work listed in Shape's "Top 10 Workout Channels on Youtube", and as an advocate of strength training for women, she Co-Founded both Girls Gone Strong and Get Glutes. After years of trying to fix every flaw and correct every "dysfunction", Marianne realized she was short-changing herself of the enjoyment of her journey. She now coaches and inspires others to focus less on nit-picking and more on their big picture.

What's Included?

  • New workouts every month with program
  • Instructional Videos for Every Exercise
  • Downloadable PDF Workout Logs
  • Monthly Live Q&As with Marianne
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Training Resources & Bonuses 

What People Are Saying


Your work has been deeply appreciated and has also been transformative on many levels. You lead our grateful group with so much genuine care, authenticity, and "realness". You juggled all of our different levels of skill and need and accomplishment with such a mind blowing level of individual attention - more than coaches that charge many times what you do. And you do it with not only expertise but also with an open heart for the WHOLE person on her fitness journey. You held all of those aspects of training so gently and gracefully for us as we passed through them... ~ Susan 


My personal transformation has been finally finding something for which I could follow that would address me as a complete person. Through your message I found:  Consistency.  Confidence. Worth. Honor. Those are big things. ~ Jenny


What I find extremely refreshing is Marianne's intuitive coaching style. She cares about people, and knows exactly what each person needs to be doing in order to get to where they want to be. She's the complete opposite to a "one size fits all" kinda coach and I love that about her. Even in a group, you never feel overlooked. ~ Yuen


I love that they are home workouts, full body, and need minimal equipment. Even though she mostly uses Kettlebells, she shows us how to use Dumbbells, and even a Sandbag! Marianne's coaching is excellent - well demonstrated and clearly explained for any fitness level. ~ Danielle


The workouts are varied which makes them fun, challenging (in a good way) which makes them effective, but when combined with Marianne's unique personality and knowledge, it's simply unbeatable! ~ Tracy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many workouts will I get each month?

Depending on the focus of the program, it will be from 3-5 new workouts per month. That means you can decide what works best for your training needs. Some months we might add more core or glute training so have 4 or 5 workouts, others we may keep things more minimal with 3 workouts.

What equipment will I need?

You can do all of the workouts with a single Kettlebell and your body weight. However, we make an effort to offer options for those who have two or more Kettlebells, or other weights like Dumbbells, Sandbags, or  Barbells. Other equipment we may use: interval timer, mat, step/bench, suspension trainer, bands and mini bands, dip bars, and pull-up bar. But don't worry, we always offer alternatives so you can do the workouts with what you have. 

Is the content available straight away or is it time-released?

As of now the content will be time-released. This means you'll get a month's worth of content when you sign up, and new content 30 days later. Our rationale for this is to reduce overwhelm and distraction, which can negatively impact consistency and results. So we give you a clear path.

If it's not for me, can I cancel/get a refund?

Yes! We offer both a 30 day money-back guarantee for any of our membership options, and you may cancel anytime after that. To be eligible for refund, you must support@equippedwithstrength.com before 11.59PM EST on the 30th day after you register. In addition you can cancel membership at any time from your account tab. This will automatically stop the next payment. 

How long do the workouts last?

Some workouts will be shorter than others, but we try to keep them to 30 minutes or less, but no shorter than 10 minutes. Strength workouts can take longer because you need more recovery but mostly our workouts have a nice mix and a good pace so there's no need to drag it out.

Are the videos full length workouts?

Not right now. But we hope to add full length versions in the future. You do get everything demonstrated via video, both in a workout summary video (lasting 60-90 seconds) so you can see what the workout looks like, a full written breakdown with pop-up exercise tutorials. You never have to leave the page, which is a major time-saver! At the bottom of the workout page you'll have your own PDF download which you can print and keep as your training log.

What fitness level are the workouts suitable for?

While we mainly cater to intermediates, we make sure to consider beginners and more advanced trainees. Not only are exercise and intensity modifications shown or suggested in the workout content, but you can get support in the community and live Q&As to help tailor your workouts to your current needs. 

If I cancel, do I still get access to the content I had?

No. Your membership entitles you to have access to the site (and content on the site), along with access to the community. Once your final membership cycle ends, you'll no longer have access to the site or the online community. 

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't enjoy your time at Equipped with Strength over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.