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Our "Less is More" Online Kettlebell Class Studio is for Women Wanting to Be Healthy, Strong, and Self-Sufficient for Years to Come...

Without Feeling Like You Can Never Do Enough

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We now operate on a request-only basis. All you need to do is click on the button to instantly be sent more information about Equipped with Strength and how to join (if it's a good fit). Owner and Coach, Marianne Kane is happy to chat with you directly should you be unsure of what plan is right for you. 

This isn't just another fit-pro selling you a busy workout app. This is a community of women who want a personalized experience with an experienced coach, who's responsive and available to help you get the absolute most from doing less.


Why Others Have Joined

If you resonate with any of the following, our community is perfect for you.

Priorities Have Changed 

You need workouts that respect different seasons of life. We give gentle guidance to find what works for you as things are today.

Sick of Strict Programs

You want to choose your own path & do what you feel like doing without the pressure. We offer freestyle training with optional programs.

Preparing for the Future

You want to make the smartest investments now so you get the highest dividends later in life. In other words: it's sustainable!

Time & Energy for Life

When even the thought of a workout drains your willpower, something needs to change. We lessen that burden.

Hi, I'm Marianne Kane (the coach here)

I've been a kettlebell coach for ten years and mindset coach for five years, and one thing I know people want is a simple path to results. My approach is based on the belief that the best course of action is literally the one you can and WILL do, consistently (and enjoy it).

If I could go back and give my younger self some advice, I'd tell her: "Stop looking for more things to do/fix... stop complicating things!"

I created Equipped with Strength to be a place for others who are just tired feeling like they're not doing enough and are sick of trying so hard. 

~ Marianne