​​​There's a Better Way Back to ​Fitness​

You might not ​have the time or energy to train like you ​used to, but ​you can still have success 

We know you're having a hard time getting your fitness back on track after, well, life happened. You're now shorter for time, lacking energy, and not hitting your workout goals. ​You might be feeling worried that you'll never get results again.​ 

To make matters worse, you're often comparing where you are now to your old self. You fear that the inconsistent efforts you do make aren't enough. ​​The less you do, the more you feel you need to do to catch up. 

​If you're someone who used to be fit and consistent at their workouts, you're likely frustrated and ashamed that what used to come so easy, is now a mess. ​You have motivation bursts that last maybe a few weeks, but that energy soon dwindles and you run out of steam. 

​When you used to work out 3, 4, or more times per week, you were in much better shape.  Now your body is softer or bigger than you'd like, ​and you're lucky if you can manage 1 or 2 workouts. ​Even though you have the desire to get back to training like you used to, you lack the time, energy and consistency to do what it takes.

You want to end this starting and stopping, all-or-nothing cycle for good.... but ​nothing ​is working.

​If this continues you're going to continue to spin your wheels, or you might give up all together. ​ ​

​Good News! It's Not Zero-Sum

​​Just because you can't "do it all" just like you think you "should", doesn't mean you can't still make progress​. 

In fact, if you went back in time and told your old self to train a little less, you​'d have found there was a minimum effective dose that still got you the same results

Back then, though, time and energy weren't big struggles. You have a lot more going on in your life right now, and quite frankly, you need to maintain a certain level of strength to help you face the added stresses and responsibilities​.

​Look, you might not feel like you're very strong right now, and you might not see how there's any way around your biggest consistency challenges, time and energy.

But we'd like you to know something. 

You have a kind of strength that is often overlooked: Perseverance.

It's often thought that when you stop and start a lot, you're flaky and failing. But there's another way to look at this:

Firstly, it's a sign that the bar isn't just set too high, it's set in the wrong place. ​What you've been told ​"is best" is actually surplus to what ​most of us need. Assuming you're not an athlete or bodybuilder. Not only will you look and feel more healthy, you'll no longer feel frustrated that you aren't doing enough.​

Secondly, ​congratulations, because you haven't stopped starting. #perseveranceforthewin

​Doing Less is Smarter

At Equipped with Strength we don't buy into the notion that more is better for every season of life. And we don't buy into the ​"all or nothing" mentality of the fitness world. It's not a failure to do less.  It's actually smarter.

​You aren't doing it wrong by doing less! ​In fact, you're perfectly positioned to find that it serves your body and quality of life more by not running yourself into the ground trying to do more than you actually need.

Never mind the fact that most of us just don't have the bandwidth to keep trying to do things the old way (thank God it's not necessary to keep trying to do more of the old way).

Our community ​is made up of people just like you who are trying to find a better normal while they're:

  • Caring for aging parents
  • Looking after sick spouses
  • Life after having a baby
  • Dealing with chronic pain
  • ​An injury or illness
  • Moving home... or countr​y
  • Overwhelmed by ​"too many demands"

​Whatever the cause of your "derailment", the answer is the same: achievable, bite sized ​actions that are clear and easy to follow, and that ​give you the peace that you're ​what's better for this season of life.  You don't deserve to feel bad because you fell short of what you used to do, especially when less is smarter, and better.

Life changes, and fitness needs to work FOR you, not the other way around.

​We'd love to invite you to join our ​compassionate, persevering community to experience a combination of fitness and renewed enjoyment of ​the journey that is totally different from the usual, self-torturing, superficial fitness program.

While results are important, they aren't what matter most to us. Your consistent efforts - no matter how small - matter most. 

What Fellow "Less is ​Smarter" Converts Are Saying

​When I started a full-time PhD program,​ my gym availability dwindled from 6 workouts to 4, then even further... sometimes only getting in 1 or 2 workouts per week. ​When looked at my training logs, I realized that somehow, I was still managing to get stronger, even though I wasn’t working out as often. ​I’m now in my 4th year and I'm the strongest I’ve ever been in some of my lifts. I also feel great and am not nearly as beaten down physically and psychologically as I was when I trained all the time. I think this goes to show that maintenance doesn’t take a huge time commitment. And also, a consistent little bit is way better than nothing at all.

Travis Pollen

​Personal Trainer

​I was constantly getting myself stressed to the hilt about not making my 3-4 workouts a week, especially since getting a new job that required longer commutes. So now I aim for one main workout a week, and maybe a small workout during the week. Since I've been doing that, it's been much better. As long as I get my one workout in, somehow then not all is lost. 

Barbara Kane

​Finance Manager

​Could This Be Your New Fitness Family?

Here's why we think you'll love Equipped for Strength

Smart Workouts

There's already too much pressure out there to do this, don't do that, do more, go harder, faster. There's too much noise and too much to do. You won't have that feeling here. We obsess about getting you wins. In fact, our whole approach is focused on engineering your success. First step: workouts you'll do.

​​Time & Energy Conscious

​This might be a bold claim, but ​we give you just enough to get you consistent again. We design your workouts, and give you super time-saving ways to do them. Because they are workouts you'll be able to do, you'll naturally feel successful, and with that, we're sure your fitness mojo will come bounding back.

​Peace of Mind

​You need to know that what you are doing, even if it's less than what you want to do, is enough. You need peace of mind that, even though you can't see the results yet, the effort you putting in, is valuable. We believe even the smallest effort is​ valuable, because otherwise we live in a constant state of failure.

Our Simple Solution 

Back in July, we ran a 30 Day "Less is More" Challenge for our free Facebook group that was a raging success! The challenge was to do a MINIMUM of one workout a week, and enjoy succeeding at that, or EASILY exceeding it. What a boost!  

Now we're about to biggie size the challenge by offering a similar idea as we roll out our Equipped with Strength six-month pilot, "Less is ​More, Because It's Smarter" Workout Series.

If you join us for the Pilot, you will get to try out awesome new features that are designed to increase success and help you keep moving forward in a way that makes sense for your life.

How It Works


One ​Workout Per Week ​

​We want to simplify your life by giving you a clear, stress-free path to success. ​To ​eliminate the pressure to do more, we're ​giving you one main workout each week, directions on how to do it, and a Plan B for how to do ​it if/when life happens. You have one weekly goal: to do that workout once.


One Workout, Three ​Modes

​​Are you someone who ​prefers a written plan? Or someone who refers to follow along on video​? Someone who has been wishing for mp3 workouts​? Well, we have everyone covered! ​In this Pilot Series we are delivering ​your weekly workout 3 ways: Video​, Audio mp3 [beta], and PDF training log. With ​one special LIVE class each month to boost your motivation. ​


​​Built-In Modulation​ 

​​Few weeks or months are identical, and neither should your workout plan. ​​It's normal and expected that you'll have ebbs and flows with training, and we want you to become more confident in modulating it accordingly... without guilt if you need to do less! ​We guide you through some ways to increase or decrease workout frequency and intensity. Some of these come with your weekly workout, but we also hold a live group coaching call once a month to assist our members in this process.

Meet Your Coach

​Marianne Kane, RN turned ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, is Owner of ​Equipped with Strength. In the last decade she has been on a mission to encourage others through struggles and challenges by sharing her own, and using small, attainable action steps to engineer success. She was named in Shape's Top 10 YouTube Workout Channels as her short and effective workouts reach millions of people around the world. She wants people like you to know that it's okay to do less than what you feel you "should do" or "have to". You don't have to do anything that isn't fitting with your life. There's a minimum effective dose, and it feels pretty amazing to find it.

​Marianne Kane

​Owner and Head Coach

What's it Like Working with Marianne?

​As a 47 year old mom of 5 young kids, I had never believed it was in the cards for me to do a pull-up. But when an opportunity to work with a real coach (and a trusted one, at that!) arose, I took the chance. The goal ​was more just to get a structured program so that I could be sure I was getting the most from my at-home training. Well, I got all that and more. ​I yielded remarkable improvements in strength​, I benefited from the encouragement of the ​community, and​ we constantly got motivation and mindset help from Marianne. Looking back I see that I gained a belief in myself that was never there before. A belief that I am strong – with physical gains that prove it.

Valerie Schucht

​P​ull-Up Academy Alumni

​​The thing I love about these workouts (which I didn't expect), is that ​less is definitely more. They're full body workouts which are well-thought-out so you never feel like you're neglecting ​anything.

I've met a fair few trainers and coaches over the years, and I can say hand on heart, there is no one who shares the same passion and cares for her clients as much as Marianne does. Even in a group, she understands the needs of each individual and is very intuitive in her training methods.

​​​Yuen Li-Smith

​​Online Client & Pull-Up Academy Alumni

Coach Marianne has been training me for years. She took a banged up 50 yr old and made him feel younger and more confident. She is also a genuine, caring person, and a true asset to the fitness industry.

​Chris Garcia

​​Online Client

​Marianne really listens and underst​ands the challenges we face with balancing working out and having a life. On the physical side of things she creates awesome training plans ​from which I have gotten stronger! On the personal side of things Marianne has helped me work through some tough areas in my life and I feel so much happier and satisfied with where I'm at. She is a truly great coach and mentor. 

​​Chrysta Hiser

​MyomyStudio Member


One Workout Plan Each Week

(​4 workouts per month)   

Plan A - Do the full workout at least once that week
 Plan B - Do short "Wee 3" workouts

​​​Three Modes

Videos: ​​Train-Along​, Summary, and Exercise Library
​[BETA] Audio: Train along to voice cues ​
Printables: PDF Training Log with coaching tips & substitutions

​​​Live Elements

​​[BETA] Monthly Live Class

​​Monthly Group Coaching Call/Q&A


​Your new fitness family who get it, and they get you. 

​Benefits of Joining Us

1. ​Train Smarter, Not Harder

The fitness industry has corrupted our perception of what is enough. For real people, doing one or two full body workouts a week is enough to make progress. ​But what the fake industry has taught us is this all or nothing ​idea. Either ​you go to the gym five days a week or just ​give up all together, because you failed. To us, this is a massive injustice because there are so many physical and mental benefits to doing a lower frequency of strength training, especially ​when life gets crazy, as you age, and just for gaining a sense of relief that "I'm doing enough". The approach in Equipped with Strength is centered on creating a minimum goal of doing one workout per week. Immediately, it primes you to feel more confident in your ability to do what you set out to do. ​Plus, you might actually find you make more progress doing less.

2. Enjoy Your Journey ​

​​If you're like most people, your fitness goals have changed over the years. Our bodies change, circumstances change, and ​many of us want to focus our energy on other people and things we care about. ​But, in a results-obsessed world, there are few paths that give you any chance of enjoying ​the journey, because we've all been trained to seek more by doing more. Here at Equipped with Strength, we believe the journey is of greater value than whether you reach the destination. In other words, the efforts outweigh the outcome. ​​Results don't bring contentment, we choose contentment along the way.​ We're under pressure every day to prove our worth to society based on what we have, and how we appear to the outside. But it's far better to appreciate where you're at and who you are, without it hinging on "am I there yet?".​ The "result" most of our members seek is to exercise consistently again. ​We make that our focus, and we obsess about making it easy for you to do.

3. ​​​You'll Be Better Off

​​Feeling left behind, or like you'll never measure up sucks. Almost every single fitness product or service is offering you "get your best body", or lose weight, but they offer you a path that's ​not realistically sustainable. They're all based, again, on the notions that more is better, that you must keep doing that level, and if you're not doing what they say, you're missing the benefits. ​What happens if you have an injury? What if you're postpartum? What if you're unable to train at that frequency or intensity? ​Maybe ​you need to train at a pace that serve you better. They make it look all too easy, and they often have very black and white views about what works and what's best. But it feels like a zero-sum game. Either you do it "this exact way" or it's pointless. We have a different perspective. ​You need a realistic path that matches your real life, and ultimately gives your fitness and well-being to be better. ​


This is ​Marianne's exact ​approach with one-to-one clients. ​But now it's offered in a group setting...

One to One Coaching with Marianne: $249/mo

Equipped with Strength investment? $150 total or $30/mo for 6 months

+​ Bonuses!

​​(Everybody) Vote for what goes in the book (Value: ​Priceless)

​All Pilot members get to help shape what will be included in Marianne's upcoming workout book (to be released in 2020). The workouts for the book will be chosen from Myomytv.com's Golden Oldies and will be accompanied by full-length, train-along videos. How cool is that. AND, members will get insider information and rewards as the book comes together and into print!

(One-Time Payment) Download & Keep 4 Train-Along Workout Videos (Value: $60)

​You get download and keep 4 Train-Along Workout Videos for FREE: Marianne will be making a select few train-along videos available for members to buy for $15 each. But you'll ​get to keep the first 4 for freeeeeee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the workouts last?

​Some workouts will be shorter than others, but we try to keep them to 30 minutes or less​. ​Our workouts have a nice mix of strength and cardio training, and a good pace so there's no need to drag it out.

Why would I pay for something I could just do by myself?

You can absolutely continue to go it alone. The benefit of making an investment in this process, though, is it offers you a clear path to take. How easy is it to filter out what you keep seeing everywhere else. Being part of something also creates a sense of togetherness, which will ultimately boost your success.

​Are workouts available straight away or is it time-released?

​You will receive your workout content every Sunday. As part of the Pilot Series, we plan to begin releasing your first​ workout the Sunday after main registration closes (October 6th). This is to ensure all members are prepared, and we can all begin together. However, those who jump on board early ​will get a wee surprise in the group during main registration week!

How many workouts will I get each month?

​There are 4 main workouts per month. However, ​we design three "Wee 3" Workouts as your Plan B option, so technically, there's more.

​How ​many months is the pilot?

Our pilot series is six months long. During this time​ you have access to the site​​ and community​. We will have options for you to retain access to content for longer, should you​ want to. Remember to download and keep your printable PDFs so you can return to workouts you enjoyed. ​

​What does "Pilot" mean? Does that mean it's not ready?

​Equipped with Strength is a total overhaul of the membership, MyomyStudio, and all the content​ is being upgraded. ​As this is the first run-through of this approach, ​Marianne is piloting/testing​ full-length and live video, and audio only workout variations. You're getting in at an exciting time, but with new things, there may be a few tech hiccups.

What fitness level are the workouts suitable for?

​W​e mainly cater to people who have experience with weight training​. ​But there are plenty of​ modifications shown or suggested in the workout content, but you can get support in the community and live Q&As to help tailor your workouts to your current needs. 

Are the videos full length workouts?

​YES! But there are several ways to consume the workout material.  Train-along videos are one; workout summary videos (lasting 60-90 seconds) so you can see what the workout looks like; full written breakdowns with pop-up exercise tutorials so you never have to leave the page, which is a major time-saver! ​

If it's not for me, can I cancel/get a refund?

Yes! We ​offer a 14 day money-back guarantee for any of our membership options. To be eligible for refund, you must contact us via email at ​marianne@equippedwithstrength.com, any contact form on site by 11.59PM EST on the 14th day after you registered.​

​When will "Equipped with Strength" open again?

​Not until March 2020. So get on board now, because when we do open again, the price will go up.

​Join Our Six-Month Pilot Today

​​Six Monthly ​Installments




​Six total payments to participate in six-month ​pilot series

  • ​Weekly Workout delivered to your inbox
  • ​Done-for-you Plan A & B to make it super achievable
  • ​Full length video versions
  • ​[Beta] Audio mp3 versions for more convenience
  • [Beta] ​Monthly live class​
  • Private community
  • Monthly Q&A​
​One-Time Payment 



Si​ngle payment ​to participate in ​the six-month pilot series

  • ​Weekly Workout delivered to your inbox
  • ​Done-for-you Plan A & B to make it super achievable
  • ​Full length video versions
  • ​[Beta] Audio mp3 versions for more convenience
  • [Beta] ​Monthly live class​
  • Private community
  • Monthly Q&A

​14 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

​You are fully protected by our 14 day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't enjoy your time at Equipped with Strength over the next 14 days, just let us know, and we'll send you a prompt refund (14 days begins from initial registration).

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