​Be Strong and Fit, Even If You Struggle ​to Find Time and Energy to "Do Enough"​​

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It's time to define what truly *is* enough

​​If ​you often feel like you fall short of your goals, neither fitness nor life is very enjoyable.​ ​​

Defining "enough" is to value your efforts more - even when they aren't perfect, or what they "used to be" - so you can spend less time worrying that you're not going to make progress, and more time living strong, capable, and happy!

This four-part workout series takes you through a simple approach that​ will remove the pressure of doing more, so you finally feel like you're making progress again.​ ​

You can attend workouts on the following dates live, or watch the replays as many times as you like until they're taken down on March 26th after enrollment for Equipped with Strength closes.

​​Workout Schedule

Workout 1: March 13th @ 1pm EST

Workout 2: March 16th @ 1pm EST

Workout 3: March 18th @ TBC

Workout 4: March 20th @ TBC

Your Coach

​​Marianne Kane, RN turned ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, is Owner of ​Equipped with Strength. In the last decade she has been on a mission to encourage others through struggles and challenges by sharing her own, and using small, attainable action steps to engineer success. She was named in Shape's Top 10 YouTube Workout Channels as her short and effective workouts reach millions of people around the world. She wants people like you to know that it's okay to do less than what you feel you "should do" or "have to". You don't have to do anything that isn't fitting with your life. There's a minimum effective dose, and it feels pretty amazing to find it.

Equipment Needed?
  • ​1 or 2 Kettlebells (dumbbells are also fine)
  • A step
  • Possibly a band/mini-band
​Modifications and alternatives will be suggested.

How long are the workouts?

​The workouts will be from 15-40 mins long, although I am blocking off 1 hour to answer questions at the end.

H​ow long can I have access to the replays?

Until March 26th.

​​Do I get anything else?

You get a PDF download of the workout so you can repeat the workout again later.

​Is it free?

​No, it's only $10 for access to all 4 awesome workouts. Why? Full transparency, having some skin in the game creates momentum for you :) And if you get to the other side, and you don't like what you get, I'll give you your money back. 

Before EWS, I had a few injuries that held me back: chronic back issues like herniated discs, plantar fasciitis, knee pain. But after 6 months, I'm feeling stronger than I have in several years.

​​I love being and feeling healthy and strong. I’d like to stay this way for as long as possible. I don’t want to rely on anyone to care for me because I’m weak and out of shape.

Julie ​EWS Pilot Member

​Looking forward to ​our workouts together <3

Your Coach ~ ​Marianne