Workout Programs 

(for Home or the Gym)

​Choose one of my stand-alone programs to keep you strong and fit in the simplest way possible: straight-forward guides, saving you time and energy while making workouts fun and effective. 

Or get all of these (and more) as member perks in​side Equipped with Strength:


​8-Week Feel-Good Workout Pack


Who else t​rains to feel better, in your body AND mind?​

This 8-Week Pack is perfect if you're looking for a program to keep you on track with building strength, conditioning, and a sense of achievement. ​It comes with a variety of strength and conditioning workouts that will ​boost your joy and mental energy.

​Achieve your first unassisted pull-up (and beyond). 

This​ ​18-week, self-directed video course is designed to help women get that first allusive chin/pull-up​. You're frustrated by lack of progress when you've tried before. ​Buy this 4-phase drip-released version, and go at your own pace as you'll have access for 12 months.

​Now ​OPEN

8-Week ​Back to Fitness Series

​(Beginner Friendly)

Re-establish your ​fitness routine in the simplest, least time-consuming way possible.

This​ ​8-week ​series is designed to keep things super simple and straight-forward so you can focus on what's most important in your fitness journey right now: being consistent, and knowing what's enough to help you make progress (both are tied closely together).

I now look forward to my workouts​....No more feeling guilty and frustrated because I'm not able to do what I was "supposed to" do​. I really love having more time for life, and having to spend less time planning, thinking about, and executing a complicated training program.


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