Stand-Alone Workout Programs 

(for Home or the Gym)

If you'd rather have a one-off program - maybe to test the waters - choose one of Marianne's stand-alone programs to keep you healthy, strong & fit in the simplest way possible, without the monthly payment: straight-forward guides, saving you time & energy while making workouts fun & effective. 

NOTE: All programs marked with * are also included within the Equipped with Strength membership!

8-Week Back to Fitness Series*

(Beginner Friendly)

Have you be "out of fitness" more than 6 months? Or are you a beginner? Re-establish your fitness routine in the simplest, least time-consuming way possible.

This minimal-equipment, 8-week series is designed to keep things super simple and straight-forward so you can focus on what's most important in your fitness journey right now: being consistent, and knowing what's enough to help you make progress. (Includes follow-along videos)

8-Week Feel-Good Workout Pack*


Who else trains to feel better, in your body AND mind? Love the escape a challenge provides? This collection of short, challenging strength & conditioning workouts deliver just that.

This 8-Week Pack will help keep you on track with building strength, conditioning, and a sense of achievement. It comes with a variety of strength and conditioning workouts that will boost your joy and mental energy. They are simple, but challenging workouts. 

4-Week Body Weight Mini-Series*


Did you know that you can get a great workout in - building strength and cardiovascular fitness - with JUST your own body weight?

This 4-Workout Series is perfect if you're looking for some home/vacation friendly workouts that will get you super strong without having to invest in or carry around equipment. You can add resistance if you have it - these workouts are super scalable! It's a wonderful series of workouts with follow-along videos. Check it out for FREE!! 

As an original co-founder of Get Glutes (1.0) - along with Kellie Davis and Bret Contreras - Marianne has brought back her own special version of the program.

This 8-week series helps women build their glutes for THEMSELVES. No creepy male coaches telling you what's ideal. This bang-for-your buck and butt (lol) series comes with 2-3 versions of each workout; less load (for home), more load (for gym), or follow-along with the interval version. 

Why is that first unassisted chin/pull-up so difficult? Do you get stuck at the bottom, middle, or that last little bit? Do you feel like you just hang there like a dead fish?

This 18-week, self-directed progressive training course is designed to help you achieve that first allusive chin/pull-up.  The full-body, chin/pull-up specialization program starts with building a strong foundation, on which we build great motor control, and then we progress the loading so you're a pulling machine by the end.

8-Week Feel-Good Workout Pack*


As an experienced fitness coach, Marianne is equipped to help you find your best next step. She is skilled at asking the questions that unlock possibility and options.

Get on a one-to-one coaching call with Marianne and get unstuck, make a plan, get out of procrastination, self-sabotage, or just to quiz her on fitness stuff. 

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