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I don't know what's wrong with me....

I got to the end of another week and I didn't do half of what I ​planned.

It makes me feel like just giving up all together!

When I first got into fitness, it was meant to improve how I felt about my body, ​not make me feel like it's never enough.

I used to be so passionate about fitness, but these days life is just crazy, and my health and fitness are slipping farther down the list.

I'm afraid I'll end up like some of my relatives, who've neglected their health and are now dependent on others to help them. My worst nightmare is to lose my independence and be a burden to my children.

​It's just so much harder to stay motivated or enjoy it, so I stop more than I start. 

How can I get it right?

I don't know how others find all this time and energy to do 4, 5 or even 6 workouts a week, even if they are super short and "simple". I constantly feel like I'm chasing something I'll never catch up with.

I'll never get the results I want, I just can't seem to do what it takes.

All I want is to feel good about my workouts again.

I love feeling strong, but I am struggling to ​find balance.  


Hi, I'm Marianne Kane. I coach a different kind of kettlebell workout community: ​One that prevents messages like that being sent at all... 

We're process-oriented

You see, every month I hear from people who just want to feel like they're doing enough to be fit for life. The problem is, there's a disconnect between what we think we *should* be doing and what we actually *need* to do.

There's actually a lot of confusion. And it's not your fault. 

The fitness industry has been built on a false premise:

 "you're broken, and fitness will fix you".

Or put another way: 

"you can't be your fullest, best self UNTIL ______".

Outcomes are what complete us, and external rewards ​give us worth.

If you think about it:

Most people start their fitness journey not being enough.

Based on that, it follows that most fitness communities are totally results-focused. Get the desired outcome so you'll no longer feel broken, and all will be well, right? Sure, sometimes people will happily walk that path and enjoy chasing the next thing. 

But for others - especially under certain circumstances, outlined below - this entire system can actually impede progress, block satisfaction, and fuel a perpetual cycle of failure (or at least in a belief cycle of failure), which can seep into every corner of life. 

Self-hatred within fitness groups is rife, and all because of a perceived lack of results (or good enough results).

That's why I now coach in a way that's journey/process oriented.

Are You Saying Results Don't Matter?

No, ​results (physical) do matter, but should they be the measure of success?

A lot of people (including well-respected coaches) are trapped in thinking the answer is yes, but the answer from me is an emphatic NO.  In fact, I have found a subset of people who are actually impeded by the results-driven (or results-obsessed) culture of the fitness world. It is for these people I created Equipped with Strength.

So far, I have identified 3 sets of circumstances in which I believe a shift toward being process-oriented would serve both meaningful progress AND contentment for the people affected by them:

​Who the results-driven culture ​hurts ​​most:

  • Life happened. Fitness used to come easier, but somehow you got derailed and you're struggling to get consistent again (or know where to start). Maybe life is still happening and you ne​​​​​ed help modulating your fitness to also make room for what's going on.

  • You're sick of chasing goals and just want to be fit without worrying "am I there yet?". You might actually be starting to dread workouts because of the pressure to focus on metrics or "always having to improve"
  • Y​​​​ou're dealing with what I call "fitness/workout perfectionism" (always trying to get things "right" but never feeling like it's enough). Within this subset may be people who also deal with persistent pain/injuries or fatigue on a constant quest to find a solution.

NOTE: Some of these aren't always obvious, but I've found they can manifest as "losing your fitness mojo", or in frequently comparing yourself to your past self, or to others who represent what you used to be. You may even say things like "I'll never be ___" or "yeah, but I only did ___". Or you may find your recovery is suffering and you're just more "beat up" by your workouts compared to the past.

The Burden of Brokenness

I got into fitness when I was 26. It was my final year in nursing school, and I had just been diagnosed with an autoimmune pain condition (ankylosing spondylitis). What a relief to know what had been causing my pain! 

​But then the doctor said:

"You need to exercise, because if you don't, your pain will continue and your spine could permanently fuse"

I already thought my body had let me down, and ​then I had to make sure I was always doing enough​ to prevent ​it getting worse.

​Over the decade that followed, I was in "body problem solving mode" trying to:

  • Improve weaknesses and imbalances that I thought could be creating more pain 
  • Lose body fat because fat is a "problem"
  • Nit-pick my exercise technique our of fear of injury and a belief that ​anything other than   perfect didn't count
  • ​Find my fit-self again after pregnancy pain, depression, and weight gain had me so overwhelmed, I just wanted to hide
  • Find contentment and self-love by fixing my body, or fixing how I saw my body

For as long as I can remember (starting as a teen), my body has been a problem to solve. Is it any wonder I never felt at peace in my own skin, regardless of how fit, strong, or lean I was.

The issue has never been my brokenness, it's been my belief that I'm broken at all.

The burden of feeling broken, and then having that belief reinforced by results-focused promises will never create a sense of wholeness.

Take a moment to think about all the beliefs you hold about your body. Not the "I'm trying to force-love my body", but the feelings you get when you see someone with a body or a life that you desire (and this could be you from 20 years ago)...

Are they about fixing something?

Do you exercise out of fear about something?

Do you look at yourself and think "I need to do more"

When I ask people why they want to be fit and strong, they often tell me it's because it makes them feel good. But they often act and think like it's actually because NOT being fit and strong makes them feel less-than.

Meaning, they believe if they don't do what they think they should be doing to get fit and strong (chasing performance, function, or body composition goals, aiming for 4+ workouts a week, endlessly tweaking their workouts and/or diet) their worst fears will come true (like becoming a burden, or getting fat). 

I'm not saying that fear of negative consequences is wrong, because the reality is exercise does improve health and reduce the severity of conditions. I'm more concerned about how the beliefs we hold about ourselves before we "get there" impact our well-being along the way.

Especially when combined with another problem within the fitness world: ​the "all or nothing" mindset. If we can't get it "right", there's no point.

While results feel good, there are so many people who don't feel good even when they get the outcome. 

Because it's never enough.

Therefore, we have to create our own premise. One that cultivates a sense of value, appreciation, and capability from the get-go.

Our Premise

​"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" ~ Teddy Roosevelt

This quote sums it up: It says you come equipped.

It says you have exactly enough to take the next step on your journey, and the journey doesn't add to your value, because it's your belief in your worth that makes you take the next step. 

It implies wholeness. And it inspires perseverance. 

Exercise, then, becomes an expression of your value, rather than an attempt to earn it. You honor your body because it's beautifully made. 

​This is how I approach ​my own fitness, and how I coach others. Your efforts, even the smallest ones are enough. Let's just keep going.

​If 2020 Has Taught Us Anything ...

​... it's that time and energy (mental and physical) ​are our most precious resources. How we use ​them matters, and what we spend time chasing is either serving us, or hindering us. This means, if you believe you're here for a purpose greater than yourself, you can't afford to keep playing the "not enough" fitness-world game any more. 

​At Equipped with Strength we value feeling strong, being independent, but also ​knowing when to say "enough". ​We don't want you wasting time and energy on things that don't matter that much in the big picture.

​If you like the sound of that, you may have found your new fitness family.

​Fitness needs to work for us and fit easily into our lives so we don't drain those precious resources. It has to leave us feeling GOOD.

​Finally, we value PERSEVERANCE.

​Because LIFE HAPPENS sometimes.

So, even when you:

=> Fall short of your goals or are sick of having goals,

=> Start and stop (going all-in or nothing at all),

=> Feel like you'll never be as fit and strong as you were in the past,

=> Are unsure if what you're doing is enough or the "right stuff" to make progress,

=> Disqualify your efforts because you didn't do everything you planned to do,

...Somehow, you never ​stop trying! 

​You see, being equipped with strength does NOT necessarily mean you always believe in yourself, or that you even feel like you're ​strong. It often means getting back up when you feel at your weakest or lowest point.

It's the kind of strength that is expressed when no one is looking. It's the kind of strength that allows you to still work out, even when you feel totally out of shape and may even be ashamed at how you look.

Just remember:

The stops don't define you, so long as you ​keep STARTING.

​With all that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to Equipped with Strength....

All the Workouts You'll Ever Need ​

​​to ​Stay Strong & Capable for Life,

and Know It's Enough

​​Our workouts are designed to be flexible and scalable, making them easier to do consistently, with various ways to meet yourself where you're at each step along your journey. The workouts are challenging, and will still ​"get you results", but *how* we approach things is totally different. For one thing, your coach knows what it's like to feel like you don't belong in the fitness world anymore.

​We're OPEN! 

Here’s Wh​y ​I Think You'll Love Equipped with Strength

Smart Workouts

​There's too much noise and too much to do. You won't have that feeling here. We obsess about getting you ​to value your effort. In fact, our whole approach is focused on engineering your success. First step: workouts you'll actually do, and permission to do less (coz it's okay).

​​Time ​Conscious

​​We give you enough to ​keep you consistent. We design your workouts, and give you super time-saving ways to do them. Because they are workouts you'll be able to do, you'll naturally feel become more consistent. It's less about the details and more about "does it stick".

​Peace of Mind

​​Doing what you can, even if it's less than what you want to do, is enough. ​We believe, even the smallest effort is​ valuable, because otherwise we live in a constant state of failure. ​We only really have control over effort, so that's what we celebrate. Ultimately, it all adds up.

Here’s what people are saying ​our approach

Less is More

​When I started a full-time PhD program,​ my gym availability dwindled, sometimes only getting in 1 or 2 workouts per week. ​When looked at my training logs, I realized that somehow, I was still managing to get stronger, even though I wasn’t working out as often. ​I also feel great and am not nearly as beaten down physically and psychologically as I was when I trained all the time. I think this goes to show that ​a consistent little bit is way better than nothing at all.

Travis Pollen

​Personal Trainer

​No More Stressing

​I was constantly getting myself stressed to the hilt about not making my 3-4 workouts a week, especially since getting a new job that required longer commutes. So now I aim for one main workout a week, and maybe a small workout during the week. Since I've been doing that, it's been much better. ​

​And, with the live classes, I'm more consistent than ever!

Barbara Kane

​Finance Manager (and member)

​Time for Myself

​I didn’t workout when my children were young because I could never find time. When I was 40, I discovered KBs and Marianne, and fell in love with the physical results and the strength I gained. I stopped again for a few years because I had some health issues...it was frustrating.

​Since joining EWS, I don’t beat myself up if I can’t make it happen. I’m happy with my wins whether it’s increasing weight, losing a pound or just plain feeling well. I think it’s fun and a great way to learn how to make fitness work for you.


​​EWS Member


​I ​was looking for a way to gradually get back into things​ after become a new mom. ​I love ​not having to think about it, because you get pre-made workouts. You don't ​need to use up limited energy and brainpower​.Now, I've been consistently doing something, which is a lot better than before. And I'm not comparing as much to what I was before​

​​Had I not started EWS, I would've continued to struggle with consistency because I didn't really know what to do to get things going from scratch."


​​EWS Member

What’s In​side

After you sign up, you're taken straight to the Studio Dashboard where you can dive right in to any of the 50+ workouts already available. Then, every Tuesday and Friday (and the occasional Sunday) we do live classes together (replays are always available). You get your new main workout delivered every Thursday and a weekly email to keep you up-to-date. Y​our workouts come in 4 modes: written, short video, long video, and printable log.


Weekly Plan A/B Workouts ​(It's Flexible​)

​At a minimum, you get 1 main new workout each week, but part of the design includes a Plan A, and Plan B:

​Plan A - Do the full workout at least once that week

Plan B - ​​"Wee" Workouts as a back-up or add-on


​​Live Classes ​(It's ​Scalable​)

​One of the best parts of EWS is our live class studio. 2-3 times per week (Tuesdays, Fridays, and some Sundays) we do live workouts together. While more training isn't necessarily better, creating more opportunities to train helps ​a ton with motivation and consistency. And having a live class to attend just makes it easier to show up.


​​Knowledge ​Base​

​One thing that plagues the fitness sphere is misinformation. That's why I hope to make things super clear by providing Fitness facts (like training volume, frequency, exercise choices, injury prevention measures, kettlebell skill coaching, what to do when you have pain or an injury) etc. Every month, I answer common questions that create confusion and/or fear about "getting it right".


​​Structure or Choose Your Own Way​

​Since some people respond well to plans and schedules, I've created self-contained programs, mini-series, workout packs, and calendars (new) to follow along with. However, since others do not like having a program (since it can create more pressure), you can dip in and out of the workouts as you fancy :) All of these (and any to be added) are available to members for no extra cost.


​Back-to-Fitness Series 
​Value ($99)

Re-establish your ​fitness routine in the simplest, least time-consuming way.

This​ ​8-week ​series is designed to keep things super simple and straight-forward so you can focus on what's most important in your fitness journey right now: being consistent, and knowing what's enough to help you make progress​.

​Pull-Up Mini-Series 
Value ($99)

12-week minimalist program adapted from my course, Pull-Up Academy ... ​

​I have ​ensured the training fits with both our other workouts AND our ethos that less is more. You'll see that each phase only has 2 Pull-Up focused workouts. This means you can still do EWS weekly workouts along with this program.

Live ​Kettlebell ​Workshops
Value ($199)

​In July 2020, we're ​starting live quarterly kettlebell workshops​.

​Every 3 months, we run through Kettlebell fundamentals: squats, deadlifts, swings, cleans, snatch, T​GU. Th​ese interactive sessions allow members to receive feedback on their technical skills. Frequency has room to grow with demand. (via Zoom)

​About Your Coach

​​Marianne Kane, RN turned ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Expert, and mindset coach is ​Founder of ​both Equipped with Strength and Myomy Fitness. In the last decade she has been on a mission to encourage others​ to reach their potential, live with agency and perseverance, instead of giving up on themselves because they can't do ​enough. Not only did she co-found Girls Gone Strong and Get Glutes, but she was named in Shape's Top 10 YouTube Workout Channels as her short and effective kettlebell workouts reach millions of people around the world​. She wants people to ​stop bowing and bending to every "should" or "have-to" in the fitness world. Fitness doesn't have to consume your life and purpose. There is a way to be strong without it draining your valuable time and energy: Keep it simple and doable, and fluff-free.  

"You know who impresses me the most? People who have life happen to them big time, but who still try to make fitness work. But they are the ones who feel like the biggest mess. If I can help them turn that around, imagine the amplified impact they could have on those around them"

What's it Like Working with Marianne?

​As a 47 year old mom of 5 young kids, I had never believed it was in the cards for me to do a pull-up. ​The goal ​was more just to get a structured program so that I could be sure I was getting the most from my at-home training. Well, I got all that and more. ​I yielded remarkable improvements in strength​, I benefited from the encouragement of the ​community, and​ we constantly got motivation and mindset help from Marianne. Looking back I see that I gained a belief that I am strong – with physical gains that prove it.

Valerie Schucht

​P​ull-Up Academy Alumni

​​​I've met a fair few trainers and coaches over the years, and I can say hand on heart, there is no one who shares the same passion and cares for her clients as much as Marianne does. Even in a group, she understands the needs of each individual and is very intuitive in her training methods.

​​​Yuen Li-Smith

​​Online Client & Pull-Up Academy Alumni

Coach Marianne has been training me for years. She took a banged up 50 yr old and made him feel younger and more confident. She is also a genuine, caring person, and a true asset to the fitness industry.

​Chris Garcia

​​Online Client

​Marianne really listens and underst​ands the challenges we face with balancing working out and having a life. ​She creates awesome training plans ​from which I have gotten stronger! ​And ​I feel so much happier and satisfied with where I'm at. She is a truly great coach and mentor. 

​​Chrysta Hiser

​​EWS Member

Imagine: 80% of the results with 20% effort​ 

(doing what actually matters)

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, the answer is the same: achievable, bite sized ​actions that are clear and easy to follow, and that ​give you the peace of mind that you're doing enough​.  

You don't deserve to feel bad because you fell short of ​some standard that's actually pretty meaningless. ​Here at Equipped with Strength, we believe everyone should try to find their minimal effective dose, with room for growth (as life allows).

​Now think about what the rest of the fitness world offers: confusion, pressure, arbitrary things to do feeding off fears about not doing enough, being broken, or chasing the latest trend. We don't do that.

​What you get to do here is let go of all the things that don't move the needle that much anyway, so you have more bandwidth to enjoy the journey.


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  • Private community
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  • ​B​ack to Fitness Series
  • ​​​Quarterly live KB Skill Workshops
  • ​​​Pull-up Mini-series
  • ​50+ Bonus Workouts ​
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​Lori Was Tired of Chasing Goals & Never Feeling Enough​

​EWS Pilot Member​

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​​Monthly Installments

​Pay today, and ​every 30 days

​(self-cancel anytime)




  • ​New Weekly Workouts​
  • ​Done-for-you Plan A & B ​
  • ​Train-along view on demand
  • ​2-3 Live workout classes ​per week​
  • Private community
  • ​No pressure zone
  • ​B​ack to Fitness Series
  • ​​​Quarterly live KB Skill Workshops
  • ​​​Pull-up Mini-series
  • ​50+ Bonus Workouts ​
Are you in financial hardship?

​If so, you may meet our "Pay-What-You-Can" criteria

Click below to learn more about our PWYC Policy, so you can still stay fit and healthy even when times are tough.​​

​Click to see ​if you're eligible ​

A personal note

​Whether I realized it or not, I spent years ​chasing perfection. Being badass and strong were a way for me to feel worthy. But I soon burned out, because no amount of external validation was going to satisfy my real need or my underlying goal: contentment with myself.

Contentment means you value the here and now as a kind of enoughness. I created EWS to be a refuge for others who are just tired of chasing. It's the best, most "me thing" I've ever done. I hope you'll join our wonderful community.

~ Marianne

​Marianne Kane Fitness LLC