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What We Care About

Body Trust > Body Fear


The health & fitness industry treats people like they're frail, ill-equipped, dysfunctional, & they need the coach/product to "fix them". The result is it primes people to focus on harm & risk, instead of health & freedom. Here, we focus on the latter. Movement optimism, believing the body is resilient, & that you have agency about your goals & the path you take. We don't promote body frailty, but healthy & safe movement & mindset.

Effort > outcome


This doesn't mean we don't care about results, but we care that the path there is a joyful & sustainable one. Without it, the results will disappoint or be fleeting. The fitness world (the world in general) focuses & invests way too much in the outcome. We want you to get the results & KEEP them. Therefore, we must detach our happiness from that fixed destination, & turn our mind to the process, & to valuing our efforts more.

the forest > The trees


We see a lot of people becoming caught trying to get things perfect, or "the right way". Look, nobody wants to waste their time & energy with something subpar, but every time we ask "what's the best ___?" we overlook the most important piece of the "puzzle"... YOU. There are few black & white answers in fitness. So the best questions to ask relate to what feels best for you. A good coach will guide you there so it becomes sustainable.

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Meet The Coach

Marianne Kane

Owner & head coach

The number one driver of my work has always been for nobody to feel powerless. We all see so much fakeness and lies online that it's becoming harder to know what's true. It's even becoming harder to know what we even want because we're bombarded with propaganda about what we should want.

One of the biggest problems I see from within this "fitness" industry is the oppression of self-efficacy. Instead of wellness, we're fed narratives of brokenness, dysfunction, and "not good enough", so consumers are left feeling ill-equipped to make their OWN choices toward health and fitness. All to drive sales. 

What should be a culture of freedom and self-expression through movement is instead a world of boxes to fit in. Women and girls, especially, need to know we COME EQUIPPED. We aren't passive participants, or ornaments, but human beings with inherent worth, agency, and a call to make the world a better place. 

For this to happen, we must believe in our wholeness and in our purpose, then see how a strong, health body can better assist us to have our greatest impact. That's what Equipped with Strength is all about.

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Photo of book cover, Strength Training for Women, by Marc McLean, in which Marianne Kane was featured in for the glute training workout, and entirety of Chapter 8
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Before EWS I was frustrated with my inability/unwillingness to follow longer, performance-goal oriented fitness programs. It was like a series of never-ending small failures.

I now look forward to my workouts, and don't worry about following any set-in-stone program. No more feeling guilty and frustrated because I'm not able to do what I was "supposed to" do according to a long program.

Lori L.

Member since 2019

Having the attitude of 'anything is good enough' gives me permission to workout with no pressure on how 'perfect' it might be. I feel more relaxed about my body and how I move. If I miss a few workouts  I know I can come back and pick it up again, never feeling like I am ever 'behind', which cuts out a lot of stress that comes from workout programs and the feeling that I might 'fail'. 

Member Heidi smiling headshot

Heidi H.

Member since 2019

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