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​Workout Breakdown

​​The live version of this workout will include a warm-up, demos, and cool down 🙂 The Plan A and Plan B will be explained in the intro. Download your PDFs at the bottom of the page.

  • ​PLAN A
  • ​Plan b

​​Minimum Goal: Do ​a version of this once this week.


Once you've chosen an interval option, Plan A is to complete 3 total rounds of the following 7 exercises (click to see pop-up tutorial):

2a. ​Goblet Clean to Thruster Combo (x​5-10 total)

2b. ​Mountain Climber (x​​30-40 total)

2c. ​Tactical Reverse Lunge (​x​​16 total)

2d. ​Burpee (​x​10-15 total)

2e. ​Two Handed Swing (​x20)

​2f. Ballistic Row (x16-20 total)

​2g. Side to Side Step-Over (x30-40 total)

​Interval Options

Set an interval timer the following ​

  • ​Either 21 cycles(for 3 continuous rounds)
  • Or 7 cycles (​to take longer rests between rounds) 

​Intervals ​combinations:

  • ​Just starting out again? 60 secs rest / 30 secs effort
  • Been back at it a ​few months? 35-45s rest / 35-45s effort
  • Ready to up the ante? 15-35s rest / 40-60s effort

Why does the rest time come before the effort time? Click here.

Or ​do set repetitions(see brackets beside exercises)

​Don't forget your workout ​resources