Retention Memberships

If you're worrying that you're about to lose access to your workouts and you haven't had time to go through them all, now with a single payment you can retain access to the site, and facebook group for 6 or 12 more months. 

From December 2018 onward there won't be regular new workouts added. Through 2019 I am taking a step back from online fitness to pursue my RN Licensure here in the US so won't have the time to commit to monthly content.

That being said, I really do hope to stay in touch and boost content a little through next year. Remember I will be sticking around to support you in the FB Group, and will of course keep checking for emails. And you are also welcome to avail of the special add-on services.

That means any new material that is added will be included in the retention membership. So I do hope you stick around for the year. 

NOTE: These Retention Memberships are only available for people whose original membership was 1 year, renewed 6 month, all-access pass for 6 months (reaching month 11), or monthly (reaching month 11). 

6 Months

A one-off payment will allow you access to everything on the site, and our community for 6 months.


$49 6

One Year

Stick around for 2019 and increase your chances of getting some additional workouts & workshops.

$89 6