How to do these workouts

I've been asked if you need to do all 4 workouts each week for 4 weeks to get the most from the programming. In short, no. Well, it depends 😀

Doing all 4 of these workouts each week, then repeating that week 4 times may be great for you if you don't currently follow a program, or you've been wanting to track your strength progression more carefully. Having a set schedule (the same 4 full body workouts every week for a month) is an awesome way to do that. It also is great if you are wanting to keep more things a little more consistent.

However, you're maybe doing other classes or following another program, so you may only be looking for 1 or 2 new workouts to add on each week. Say you have 3 strength workouts from another source, but you want to train 4 times per week: you could do workout 1 from Equipped with Strength one week, workout 2 the next and so on. 

Finally, you could choose 1 workout to repeat for a whole week (of 3-4 times that week) and then the next week you do one of the other workouts.

None of these workouts have to be done in this order, so it's pretty flexible around here 🙂

On the next page, I've suggested some resources to help you get the most from your workouts. They're all in the Resource Library, but some are worth highlighting prior to making a start.