Pull-Up Progress/Regression Guide

If you're not quite at your full unassisted chin/pull-ups, here are some good alternatives to try:

- Band assisted Chin-up and Pull-Up --> use the band around your foot for more assistance, around the knee for less. I love band-assisted work because you get to master the movement without burning yourself out. Then you start using things like the Partials, and Standing options to progress more under more load (higher intensity).

- Jump and Lower --> This one is good when you want to increase the pace and get your heart rate up. No need to go slow on the way down as this can fatigue you too much.

- Bottom Up Partial --> This can be a good way to work on that first part of the pull. However, these are also tough, so take a good rest between sets and reps.

- Top Down Partial --> Great for working to your sticking point and gradually increasing your range of movement. But these are advanced and require a lot of effort. 

- Standing Pull-Up (external link): Travis Pollen wrote a very nice post on this, including a demonstration video.

There are other progressions you can use, but these are good to get started experimenting. 

Remember: there's no right way, just what feels best for you on the day, so it's nice to have options 🙂