Ep 13: Efficient and Effective Workouts with Pat Flynn

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No Time to Work Out?

Let's discuss Efficient & Effective Workouts with Pat Flynn.

Pat is an expert in short, efficient and effective kettlebell workouts. In fact, he's a master at Kettlebell complexes. He's also a minimalist, generalist and dad to four, so he knows exactly how to get the most bang from his limited time.

In this episode, Pat and I discuss all things related to how you can exercise when you're short for time, where people tend to get stuck, what the big rocks are, and hopefully a mindset of "something is better than nothing".



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What You Will Learn:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 03:51 What are Kettlebell Complexes?
  • 06:00 Workout efficiency & minimalism
  • 09:00 Getting your priorities straight with the Prisoner's Dilemma
  • 13:40 Where are people getting stuck?
  • 16:40 Engineering your own success 
  • 24:00 The most "enough" things you can do for your fitness
  • 26:08 Oooh, a fun complex idea
  • 27:50 Strong On, challenges, periodization, and pivot-points
  • 31:40 Two 16's, and wrapping up

Pat Flynn holding a kettlebell

About Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the author of How to Be Better at Almost Everything, publisher of Chronicles Of Strength, and host of The Pat Flynn Show.

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